The world apparently wasn't satisfied just with socks that say "YOLO" and "CARPE DIEM" on them, so Rob Kardashian is expanding his Arthur George line to include loungewear, namely adult onesies.

Onesies. For adults.

Kris Jenner's Instagram gives us a preview of the line with the above post, which shows a onesie—for adults, remember—covered in stars. The Arthur George Instagram also previewed a shirt and tailored sweatpants. The only reasonable explanation behind this  move is that Rob, who once horrified Scott Disick by wearing a sweatsuit to a business meeting, is looking for an excuse to never put on anything but his pajamas. 

The onesies—again, created for adults—haven't hit stores yet, but if you're looking for a holiday gift for that overgrown man-child in your life or just a really, really large baby, hit up a Macy's location next month. 


[via Kris Jenner & Arthur George on Instagram]