Philadelphia-based artist Tyler Teran wants to trick you. His photographic collages, often black-and-white images dominated by the strong lines of his city's architecture, are dreamlike works that almost seem believable. His ability to make you fall for the spaces he creates in his pieces is uncanny, and it's also what makes them worth looking at.

Teran has been experimenting with different art forms, including digital 35mm photography, collage, painting, and graffiti, for years now. His most established body of work, which he calls the "Forreal" series, are these striking monochrome collages. Even the way he's named them blurs the line between art and reality. 

We spoke to the young photographer about a few of his works. From murals on the street to abstract canvases to photographs of Philadelphia, Teran explains the influences and motives behind his pieces. Check out our Portfolio Review: Tyler Teran's Photographic Collages Will Make You Fall for His Imagined Worlds.