The beauty of Instagram is a that it's a platform where anyone with a camera can share his or her work with the world, but obviously some people are better at it than others. Recently we've noticed that the stars of the 'gram have gotten younger and younger, from kids in New York who rule the rooftops, to the 4-year-old son of a National Geographic photographer who is mastering everything analog. Instagram recently featured a trio of talented Dutch photographers, who are not only young, but they're also brothers, which makes their story and their work even cooler.

The Sizoo Brothers hail from the Netherlands and have only been on Instagram for a year, but they are already killing it. Bastian is the oldest at 17, and his twin brothers, Willem and Bob, are 15. In addition to sharing their landscape photos and portraits with tens of thousands of followers, the brothers organize Instameets during their travels around the world, connecting with other Instagrammers to talk photography and explore new places. 

We caught up with Willem, Bob, and Bastian and asked them to share the stories behind a few of their favorite shots for our Portfolio Review: Meet the Sizoo Brothers, Teen Photographers From the Netherlands Who Are Killing It on Instagram.