When you make a lookbook or fashion editorial, you can't do that shit half-assed. You might have a dope ravine in your area with some radioactive sewage runoff and think that would be a good spot to shoot for your struggle brand, but guess what? It's not. Which is why you leave this sort of shit to the professionals like Nepenthes who just built an entire experience for their F/W 14 editorial entitled "Remix." They made a website for the thing and it oozes out this eerie instrumental music that sounds like it was ripped straight from Devil May Cry when you're about to encounter a boss, but you're not sure exactly when. The tension is really fucking high, fam. These dues are out in the middle of nowhere on some real secretive shit, probably exchanging large sums of money in duffel bags. But they're obviously looking pretty fly as they do so, draped up and dripped out in some very Japanese garments. You can breakdown all the looks on the editorial's dedicated website to see where you need to go in order to throw all your money away.