Though they may look like a spilled glass of wine or a jar of Nutella, these images are actually hyperrealistic drawings by Singapore based artist Ivan Hoo. Even more incredible and unlike some of his peers, Hoo is completely self-taught, and he only began pursing a full-time career in art five years ago. Ivan meticulously draws onto wooden surfaces to produce his crazy pieces. While many hyperrealistic artists create their works using paints or graphite, Woo works primarily with pastel.

Hoo takes around three days to finish a piece, starting with either a still-life or image taken by himself. From there he outlines the subject and begins to fill in the details with pastels. Woo's insanely awesome work depicts a wide array of subjects, including people, animals, litter, and food.

Woo frequently sells his pieces online, so those looking to cop an awe-inspiring piece should head over to his Facebook page. In addition, check out more of the artist's awesome work on his Instagram.

 [via HuffPost]