Miley Cyrus announces her strangest collaboration with novelty item company Billy Bob in the Instagram above. 

The singer/actress partnered with Billy Bob for a line of Miley-Bob teeth that includes "her favorite styles of redneck Billy-Bob Teeth," according to the website. All purchases also come with a special Miley-Bob insert card. Miley has long been a fan of the fake mouth gear—her tour merch even includes the "Buck Teeth tee," which features a picture of her wearing a set of the teeth.

Miley's last project gained the attention of Jeremy Scott and 2 Chainz, and we've defended her mix of high and low art before, but we're not entirely sure about this new project. 

The teeth sold out quickly when they were first stocked, but have been replenished on Billy Bob's website, if you're down to spend that $12 on fake choppers. 

[via Billy Bob]