Men's Wearhouse, the provider of ill-fitting suits for swagless dudes everywhere, is already the butt of so many jokes. The store is a source of laughter once again with this parody account that, even though you certainly don't need more interaction with Men's Wearhouse in your life, is a must-follow. 

Most of us try to avoid going into, or even thinking about, Men's Wearhouse at all costs, and this Twitter account illustrates exactly why. Best of all, the mishaps the Twitter account posts about, like running out of buttons or its pocket squares being used as "fancy toilet paper," aren't too hard to imagine actually going down at the store. With an ongoing timeline of Tweets that range from the bizarrely surreal to the everyday trials and tribulations of a wack existence, think of this as a reward that turns all the miserable memories of dealing with your prom tux into something you can actually laugh about. 

You can follow the account on Twitter here.

[via Men's Wearhouse]