You're telling me you don't like blackwatch and I'm sitting here with my mouth agape. Blackwatch is one of the few #menswear 1.0 tropes that has endured all the trends and fads. Which is why this Haversack jacket is really fucking dope. It also looks more like a shirt than a jacket, so that makes it extra versatile for your lazy ass to layer with. This would definitely look ultra fire underneath your grey or navy topcoat. Like, the colors would combine so well. People already tell you that your eyes pop, but with this thing, your eyes would pop right out of your dome piece and no woman would ever be able to resist that. The most important part about this jacket are the chest pockets though. THEY'RE ENORMOUS. I don't usually like storing things in my chest pockets, but sometimes I get really sentimental and stash a tightly rolled blunt there just to keep it close to my heart.