On Nov. 8, Gauntlet Gallery in San Francisco will open a two-man exhibition titled "Stealing Time," with works by local artists Alec Huxley and Monty Guy. Huxley will exhibit new paintings of female figures wearing helmets as they move through empty streets, as well as "modern memento mori" works that feature flower-sprouting skulls and floating cosmonauts, while Guy's paintings represent "surreal moments in time" that the gallery says draw from his personal intimate relationships.

Together, Gauntlet Gallery says in a press release that the artists "create arrested moments isolated from the clutter of routine life, presenting frozen adventures of the earth-bound cosmos." We've included preview images of some of the art below for you to get an idea of what to expect, but you should also head to the gallery's website for more info.

"Stealing Time" will run through Dec. 3.

Alec Huxley, "Are We High Enough..."
Alec Huxley, "The Wild Still Lingered"
Monty Guy, "Bullheaded"
Monty Guy, "1980"
Monty Guy, "Basquiat"