Yeah, so, guys, I think it's safe to assume that the snake finally ate itself. "Alphet" and "Fuccboi" box logo tees from a company calling itself Fuccboi Brand™? If you thought it was bad enough that your lame cousin has even heard "alphet," hold onto your seatbelts 'cause it's only going to get worse. The holidays are coming up and I guarantee at least one of our future ex-girlfriends will purchase one of these for us as a gag gift. And she'll be super bummed when you don't immediately 'gram that shit as a peace offering somehow validating the interest she's so graciously taken in your "hobby." If you're completely devoid of a sense of humor and currently find yourself considerably butthurt, do your best to find the chill. Don't get mad at the person who thought of the only box logos that matter before you did because that just makes you even more of a fuccboi. We live in a free market, dawg. Instead, blame Big Cartel.