As of Nov. 2014, the Bible has been translated in its entirety in 533 languages, and at least a portion of the book exists in about 2,883 languages. Kamran Kastle believes that there is one language that the book needs to exist in—emojis. And for the small fee of $25,000, he has volunteered to make it happen.

In speaking to one of his students at the Los Angeles Film Society where he volunteers, Kastle came to the conclusion that if the Bible were translated using emojis, more people would read and relate to the words on its pages. He launched a Kickstarter project to make it happen, which will involve creating close to 5,000 original characters (there are no Jesus or Devil emojis, for some reason).

"I read a line and then figure out which emoticons I should use to represent that Biblical verse," Kastle said in an interview with Vice. "In the future, I believe lots of places/things/people will use emoticons so that people who speak other languages will be able to comprehend something." He added that he will be contacting people like Mel Gibson, Denzel Washington, the Pope, and Vladimir Putin to help with the translation.

So far, seven backers have given a total of $14, so Kastle has a long way to go. Check out the video above and head to the project page to learn more about Kastle's quest, and to support it if you think it's worth it.

[via Vice]

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