Complex network friend First We Feast got a look at the raw Engineered Garments and Ippudo clothing collaboration that now outfits the kitchen managers in a dope navy apron-jacket hybrid combo. I'm so used to seeing the typical all white or all black chef's outfit when I sit on my couch and watch Food Network for 10 straight hours, but this functional fire combines the best of two disciplines: Japanese garments and Japanese food.

The project started out as a simple cotton twill jacket, but as the restaurant's international Ramen master, Fumihiro Kanagae, saw the initial models, he requested that a detachable apron or "tablier" be added for convenience. Of course, it's machine washable because the kitchen is not exactly kind to high-end clothing that needs to be specifically dry-cleaned. Down the road, the restaurant may even allow customers to purchase their own uniform—$300 for the jacket, an extra $100 for the apron.

Talk about a beautiful marriage of food and fashion. I just imagine myself buying this and immediately remodeling my kitchen to include a flat-top grill, chopping up onions and building oil volcanoes on a daily basis. Can you tell how many times I've been to Benihana? Yeah, only a couple.