Wowza, these Dries Van Noten pants have zippers on the ankles, but not in the place you would expect them to be. Typically, those zippers would be on the side, like a pair of track pants you would wear to warm up before a sporting event you would most assuredly not win. These, however, have them in the back, which is a definite improvement aesthetically speaking. Every time I see a pair of pants with a hefty zipper on the ankles, I think of a pair of breakaway pants sprinters tear off before they light up a 100 meter dash in under 10 seconds. Nobody I know of makes a high-fashion version of breakaway pants though, which sucks. That's a market we're really missing out on right now, guys. But when you wear these, people will definitely think you could rip them right off at a moment's notice and sprint down the block to jump in front of Tommy Ton's lens during fashion week even though your body would most definitely break down within the first 20 meters.