French accessories brand Côte&Ciel pretty much has the game on lock when it comes to premium lifestyle accessories. Their bags, rucksacks, laptop cases, and phone cases help you carry and protect your stuff while looking like a boss. This isn't for the basic bro. They draw inspiration from architecture, introducing mad construction techniques and unique silhouettes to an area that has suffered for years with a lack of interest and attention. 

The latest offering from Côte&Ciel is the Coated Canvas collection, which are some of the dopest bags you'll find all year. The collection features three bags; the Isar rucksack, Meuse Backpack, and Rhine flat backpack, all presented in a deep black. While the shapes all reference conceptual and progressive architecture, the deep black they wear all represent non-compliance, and the brand's commitment to their minimalist silhouettes. The bags are all killer, no filler, with function and form sitting alongside eachother, the epitome of purposeful purity.

The Coated Canvas used in the collection is fully water resistant, and with each bag featuring an integral padded pocket designer to carry a device up to 15" big, that's a really good feature. No worries about that laptop, then. And for your luxe-stunting final act, black leather trim is featured on each bag in the collection.

Check out some more images of the Coated Canvas collection below, and head to the Côte&Ciel webstore or selected stockists to cop.


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