From a brand that's really doing it for us lately, take a look at CMMN SWDN's F/W 14 collection all styled together courtesy of Style Dot Com. These guys are quickly becoming experts in riding the line between overt tech and generally great minimal product: oversized cuffs on a neoprene bomber, a two-tone nylon-wool topcoat, smooth graphic and long, split hem shirts. CMMN SWDN is basically tailor-made for the Four Pins audience. According to quotes, the collection draws from some of the more classic designs from the '40s and '50s, while integrating a little bit of futuristic Blade Runner shit as well. As yet another Scandinavian brand absolutely fucking killing it, CMMN SWDN is pretty much poised for success as far as we are concerned. Is there any reason why you wouldn't want to wear this shit all day, every day? It's like a beautiful blend of the best from Our Legacy with a bit of Han Kjobenhavn thrown in. CMMN SWDN just recently hit North America at the likes of Toronto's Nomad and Working Title, and I wouldn't be even remotely surprised to see the brand get some more well-deserved exposure in the coming months. Keep it locked.