C'H'C'M' is launching its own in-house line that adheres to the same principles that has made the store so successful. Since the shop's inception in 2008, it has paired classic names, like century-and-a-half old basics brand Sunspel with newcomers-at-the-time Ovadia & Sons. C'H'C'M's debut collection strikes the same balance of classic and new.

"It’s true minimalism,” founder Sweetu Patel told T Magazine, but also that “isn’t about being plain." C'H'C'M's line offers an essential core of garments, including overcoats, trenchcoats, jackets, sweaters, shirts, and pants. However, it adds what C'H'C'M' Patel calls "refined tools," which presumably refers to items like the loopback cotton sweaters, the band collar button-ups, and bonded wool jackets—all seemingly plain items with innovative detailing. 

The debut collection also includes a range of bags accessories, such as cashmere gloves, wool bucket and baseball hats, as well as scarves made with Drake's

C'H'C'M' partnered with manufacturers that the store originally stocked when it started five years ago—including MackintoshDeath to Tennis, the aforementioned Drake’s, and  several Scottish knitwear producers—to make this debut collection.

The collection is available on C'H'C'M's website now.