SoHo superstars Carson Street Clothiers dropped a lookbook of a few dudes draped up and dripped out in some of the best third party brands they carry in store. TriBeCa provides the backdrop and the fading sunlight provides a sophisticated, regal mood, much like the CSC store itself, in fact. If you haven't kept up to date on some of the newer brands the shop has begun to carry of late, it's a top-to-bottom list of bangers: Umit Benan, Camoshita, Billy Reid, Haversack and Massimo Alba have all been added to the lineup. CSC is one of very few smaller shops that carry such a broad spectrum of brands, which, aside from being super cool bros that we know personally, makes them worthy of your business. Like, maybe if you cop a bunch of Umit and Camoshita you'll be able to dress for the job you want and end up making way more money than you deserve, thus being able to cop a dope TriBeCa loft where you can have cultured young ladies sleep on the couch with a cashmere throw if they get too drunk because you're a gracious host.