When a rapper can finally say "WE MADE IT," unless their management and label is screwing them, it typically means a bigger bank account. And with more money in the pocket means hip-hop artists stocking their closets with a variety of designer and brands that the regular layman can't even touch unless they're making terrible financial decisions.

In a bizarre-o world where today's biggest rappers aren't raking it in, we've gone out and tried to decipher what these dudes might decide to wear if they hadn't had that big album or the club anthem. Sure, some of these guys may have already worked with or worn some the brands we're suggesting for them, but that doesn't mean they necessarily rely on them for the bulk of their wardrobe, or even wear them today. Take a trip to a time and place where your favorite rappers aren't flush with cash to see 11 Brands Your Favorite Rappers Would Wear If They Weren't Wealthy.