BornxRaised seemingly exploded out of L.A. a few seasons ago with gear that was simultaneously in your face, carried an artistic pedigree, and provided an insider humor and wit that has been all but missing in streetwear's current iteration. The fledgling brand did it the hard way, forgoing the marketing gimmicks and idol ass-kissing that many start-up labels utilize to ensure financial success. Instead, Spanto and 2Tonethe two Venice, L.A. natives behind the brand, created the brand as a platform to battle against the oncoming tide of gentrification and corny bullshit wrought by yuppies and techies who began flocking to the area's "raw" and "emerging" scene. Their message found instant support from anyone who's faced the adverse consequences of gentrification, and the witty, tough-as-fuck designs certainly helped, too.

For its holiday collection, BornxRaised brought nothing but heat. Fans of the label's overloaded graphics have more than enough to take their pick from, and the "locals only" message still shines through. Spanto and 2Tone always pull inspiration from their own lives and the friends and family around them, numerous motifs are drawn from the everyday imagery that surrounds them in their hometown, which explains the grimy, grainy porn on a few of the tees. 

The holiday collection drops today on BornxRaised's site at 3 p.m. EST, so make sure you're at your computer to cop a slew of gear from a label that continues to gain momentum at a serious rate.