This Engineered Garments jacket has caused me to question all the wardrobe purge choices I made, like, eight years ago. I used to be really into argyle print. It was definitely a phase. But a phase that went way deeper than the six months in high school when I pretended I REALLY liked hardcore screamo music. I had way more argyle in my closet than the Scottish dudes who invented golf 300 years ago. Naturally, I got rid of it once I realized I looked like a weird, overenthusiastic political pundit trying to be cool on television, but the diamond pattern on this jacket is very similar to all that shit. It's as if argyle realized it wasn't cool, read Four Pins once and pulled the patented "remove one item before you leave the house" move. If you get this jacket, I guarantee that a lot more art publications will come into your possession over the next few months.