Arc'teryx Veilance is one of those brands that really does not fuck around. Like, their shit is so intense and serious it makes me unsure as to whether I can wear it. Do you understand the benefits of every different panel, seam, cut and material on this amazing coat? No? Well then you can't fucking wear it, you fucking poseur. This coat is so light, but so extremely resilient. It will totally shave a solid two or three seconds off your morning commute. That performance alone is worth the $750 price. The other upside to buying an Arc'teryx Veilance coat is that it looks like you just time traveled from about 50 years in the future and just finished dethroning a dystopian tyrant from infecting the world Internet with a virus that would transfer all of the world's monies into his own back account. But you shut that shit down with your amazing self-taught hacker skills, which is definitely a good look.