For a story in the most recent issue of V Magazine, art god Ai Weiwei ruined a bunch of designer clothing with paint for a very dope photoshoot. Using brands like Commes des Garcons, Gosha Rubchinskiy, KTZ, Hood By Air, Shaun Samso and various other super high-end labels that border more on the abstract to begin with and are available at Dover Street Market, he doused them all in contrasting colors of paint. Really though, this mostly reminds me of 1990s Nickelodeon programming where if you said the secret word, like "couch" or some other super generic shit like that, you'd get hit with a gallon of slime from up above and the jumpsuit they gave you for Double Dare would be entirely ruined. At least it wasn't a $1,500 Gosha Rubchinskiy grail, but, then again, I'm no artist.