What were you doing when you were seven? Chances are you weren't opening an art show at a gallery in New York City like Australian artist Aelita Andre. According to the New York Times, the young star has been making waves in the art world since she was 22 months old, and her work was featured in a group exhibition at the Brunswick Street Gallery in London.

The "chronology" of Andre's career so far is listed on her website, and it reads like the résumé of a seasoned artist five times her age, with photography and art exhibitions, magazine features, numerous awards, and sold-out books (which apparently went for $299 each). 

At her recent exhibition at Gallery 151 titled "The Oracle of Space", ANIMAL caught up with the artist and asked her to critique the work of famous artists, including Banksy, Jackson Pollock, Damien Hirst, Matisse, Lee Krasner, Andy Warhol, and Yoko Ono. Check out the video above to hear the adorable painter's opinions and to see her at work.

[via ANIMAL]