For a countless number of people, 5 Pointz was an integral part of their everyday lives. Whether they were active graffiti artists themselves or simply enjoyed passing by it on their daily commute, to many New Yorkers, 5 Pointz was an inextricable part of the city. It served a mecca for street art and hip-hop, but more than that, it was the rare kind of space where people could gather freely and enjoy art, music, and a sense of community together.

Needless to say, its overnight whitewashing in 2013 came as devastating news for many. A year later to this day, fans and artists alike continue to grapple with the loss of their beloved space. Although bittersweet, reminiscing on the iconic spot reminds us also of the incredible history behind the place and the innumerable ways in which it touched members of its vast community. From serving as the site for music videos and secret concerts, to paying tribute to the heroes of 9/11, here are 10 Legendary Moments in 5 Pointz's History.