Damn, Yuketen really makes some of the nicest shoes. Sure, they are kind of expensive, but, then again, so is everything in your life. Even having a simple checking account is kind of expensive, what, with minimum balances, ATM fees and overdraft fees. LIKE, WHY WOULD I EVEN HAVE A CHECKING ACCOUNT IF NOT TO SPEND ALL OF THE MONEY IN SAID ACCOUNT? I know someone with a bank account that charges extra if you talk to a teller instead of an ATM. That's fucked up, guys. We gotta rise up and overthrow the ruling Wall Street oligarchy. In the meantime, stick it to the bank by overdrafting your account by purchasing these murdered out hi-tops. When they text you seventeen times in one day that you're overdrawn, just text them back an eggplant emoji. I'm pretty sure that's why my bank won't ever let me have a credit card.