You guys, I'm pretty sure Wings + Horns are designing things specifically to take my money. Take the "Decade Parka" they made in collaboration with Canada Goose for example. There's a waxed cotton shell, quilted down liner, removable snorkel hood with Coyote trim and a fishtail. Fishtail parkas are just a superior species of jackets. They are the apex predator of the outerwear world. Only 300 of these bad boys are for sale, so you better pray that direct deposit comes thru A$AP. Seriously, if you got an extra G bar you should cop one of these jackets. It'll probably actually keep you warm and dry as well as make you look like an awesome background extra in Belly. If you aren't consistently striving to dress like a character in Belly, I don't know what you're really trying to accomplish. The Wings + Horns x Canada Goose "Decade Parka" is available at select stores STARTING RIGHT FUCKING NOW. One of them is Haven.