There's cleverness and ingenuity all over the world, you just have to find it. Take these two women, Katie Burroughs and Kathleen Lee, who have taken it upon themselves to replicate, imitate and emulate some of the best paparazzi pics of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian that constantly make the tabloid rounds on their blog "What Would Yeezus Wear." You can even go ahead and give them a follow on Instagram. AYE, CROSS-PLATFORM PROMOTION UP IN THIS BITCH.

There is a lot to unpack here, so let's start with the obvious reaction: This idea is so good that it makes me want to kill myself. This is such fire #content and basically the reason why social media was invented in the first place. Also, can you even imagine just how fucking wack this would be if it was instead some struggle, heterosexual couple thirsting after Kimye? All praises due to Katye, as they are calling themselves, for bodying this meme completely.

Katie and Kathleen somehow manage to do a pretty damn good job of covering the entire breadth of the fits 'Ye and Kim have been captured in recently. Sure, you can go ahead and fault them for going with imitation Bottega or not being unable to get their hands on a pair of Red Octobers if you wanna be a dick, but the lengths these two have gone through to make some of these outfits happen is remarkable. On point camel overcoats, shorts over tights, destroyed jeans and gold chains finish off basically every look here. Alphet imitation on motherfucking point.

And it's not just head-to-toe ensembles either. Nope, the duo has even gone so far as to replicate the backgrounds of the shots. Talk about attention to detail. Kimye are strolling in the rain next to some hedges? Katie and Kathleen are next to some hedges, umbrella in hand. Kimye are posted with some ice cream cones? Katie and Kathleen got two scoops on deck. Kanye stops dead in his tracks outside of a shop to contemplate the meaning of life and consider finally blessing the world with the CDQ version of "All Day"? KATIE AND KATHLEEN DID IT TOO. These two digital philanthropists even took on the challenge of recreating style icon in the making and Kimye offspring, North West, and Kanye's classic elementary school yearbook photo.

We can only pray and hope that #WWYW is just getting started. On behalf of everyone, please continue to pop off 'grams for the good of the human race.