This past weekend, Silicon Valley’s new, young class of tech elite were privileged to a big new art fair. Put on by the fancy folks at Art Miami, Art Silicon Valley / San Francisco took place at the San Mateo County Event Center—right between San Jose and San Francisco—hosting 75 highly respected galleries from all over the world. To drop some names you are sure to recognize, we’re talking Jeff Koons to Pablo Picasso. There were even a whole bunch of Banksy pieces.

The event definitely had its young, techie audience pinned down, making for an exciting display of futuristic projections, interactive sculptures, and optical illusions galore. In a sense, Silicon Valley is at the cultural forefront, signaling where technology will take us in coming decades. So if art is following the same route, this was a little peek into what that future might look like. Here are 10 Things We Learned From Art Silicon Valley Fair 2014.