This past weekend in Las Vegas, the Life Is Beautiful Festival returned for its second year and somehow managed to crank things up to 11 and outdo its inaugural event. Unlike some festivals that are 80% music, 12% standing around, and 8% wondering why you thought this would be a good idea, Life Is Beautiful provides a balanced weekend of music, art, food, and learning (yes, learning). Where else can you listen to Pussy Riot speak, hang out with Iron Chef Cat Cora, cop an exclusive new Wes Lang-designed Yeezus shirt, and knock The Roots, Kanye West, Lionel Richie, G-Eazy, The WeekndKimbra, DJ Mustard, Foo Fighters, The Flaming Lips, Outkast, and tons of other acts off of your concert bucket list over the course of three days? Only in Vegas.

While the music may be the main attraction for Life Is Beautiful, it's the art that elevates the experience to an entirely new level. Curated by Charlotte Dutoit of Justkids, the street art program brings talented artists from all over the world to Vegas in the days leading up to the festival to create incredible murals and installations throughout the festival grounds. The Dream Team of the desert included CYRCLE., D*Face, Edoardo Tresoldi, Borondo, Misaki Kawai, Li-Hill, Maser, Bicicleta Sem Freio, Thomas Dambo, Lakwena, Spencer Olsen, Saner, Fintan Magee, ROA, and a host of others.

From copping costume wigs at a thrift shop and forming a band with Li-Hill, Trevor Wheatley, Ra Bi of CYRCLE., and Maria of Justkids, talking hip-hop (namely DJ Mustard and YG) with D*Face and Steve of Rebel's Alliance, talking art and sex poolside with Live FAST Magazine 's Editor-in-Chief Vivianne Lapointe, and having chalk graffiti battles on the tables in the VIP section after hours, the weekend was filled with epic moments that could only happen with such a tight knit family of artists feeding off of the vibes and culture of the festival. 

Check out photos of the completed pieces below, and use the #justkidslife hashtag to discover more behind-the-scenes photos taken during the festival. You can also head over to Street Art News and Justkids, who were there documenting the magic as well. 

D*Face's mural - Image via Andrew LaSane
D*Face's mural (detail) - Image via Andrew LaSane
CYRCLE.'s mural - Image via Andrew LaSane
CYRCLE.'s mural (detail) - Image via Andrew LaSane
Li-Hill's installation - Image via Andrew LaSane
Lakwena's mural - Image via Andrew LaSane
Fintan Magee's mural (Wall #1) - Image via Andrew LaSane
Fintan Magee's mural (Wall #2) - Image via Andrew LaSane 
Borondo's mural- Image via Andrew LaSane
Borondo's installation - Image via Justkids 
Maser's #MASERHOTEL Installation- Image via Street Art News
Edoardo Tresoldi installing his wire mesh sculpture- Image via Justkids 
Edoardo Tresoldi's sculpture - Image via drubioso on Instagram
Roa's mural - Image via Justkids
Saner's mural - Image via Justkids
Spencer Olsen's mural in collaboration with Allison Streater- Image via Spencer Olsen Art
Misaki Kawai's installation - Image via Justkids
Thomas Dambo's interactive #HappyWall - Image via Instagrafite