KIDULT is known for his in-your-face graffiti, including art that trolls big-name fashion brands like Marc Jacobs and ChanelFor a recent piece in Paris, the artist joined the global discussion about the Ebola crisis by creating an ad for the virus in the style of the Coca-Cola logo, offering a social commentary by using the "Enjoy" and "Made in USA" taglines.

A.A.A 'Ebola' Billboard 4/4 key 1 Paris ( acrylic on paper ) signed and numbered... #kidult #free #ebola #MadeinUSA

— KIDULT (@therealkidult) October 22, 2014

KIDULT also tweeted a few lines leading up to the reveal of the artwork:

Destroy the expected...

— KIDULT (@therealkidult) October 6, 2014

Ebola, we made it ...

— KIDULT (@therealkidult) October 7, 2014

Fight fire with fire...

— KIDULT (@therealkidult) October 14, 2014

This piece is very different from fellow street artist Hanksy's Ebola joke that used rapper Eazy E and made reference to the origins of the virus in Africa.

[via Street Art News]