You guys gotta know that I really like Stephan Schneider's designs because I can never remember how to spell his name. He's like my menswear Nietzsche. I could never remember how to spell that fucker's name all through college until I had to write this thesis. I remember the whole "you get to spend a whole quarter writing about anything you want" really sold me on attending that fine institution in the first place, but fast forward three and a half years and I was FUCKING HATING THAT SHIT. I ENDED UP WRITING "NIETZSCHE," LIKE, FIVE HUNDRED TIMES. Anyways, this sweater has an interesting cable knit detailing at the chest. And by "interesting cable knit detailing," I mean that it makes me think of this girl from my Art History class that always wore lace tanks and sweaters to class. She had banging boobs and a really insightful take on Rothko.