Because professional sports tickets are expensive and court side seats ensure media exposure, front row seats at sporting events are the natural habitat of celebrities. As such, there is stiff competition for the most high profile sports fan. Tumblr upon Tumblr and Reddit thread upon Reddit thread  have been created to honor Drake's fandom. Jack Nicholson has been front row for the Lakers since he banged your mom on her spring break trip to Cali in college. But, there is no celebrity sports fan as dynamic, as outspoken, and bizarre as Spike Lee.

It is tough to stand out in New York. As Grantland's Shea Serrano recently pointed out, competition for the #1 Knicks fan is stiff. He named a "starting five" of celebrity Knicks loyalists that is pretty impressive including Chris Rock, Woody Allen, Uma Thurman, Ben Stiller, and Spizike himself. If you're going to stand out in a crowd that includes Walter Mitty himself, you're going to have to stunt. For Spike Lee, courtside fashion is all about drawing attention to himself with a flagrant disregard for decency. No one knows better than Spike Lee that the only way to do the right thing with court side fashion is wearing the hilariously wrong thing. Here are Spike Lee's Most Bizarre Courtside Outfits.

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