Dudebros, I really hate scarves. They come off super flaccid and lame in person and if you wear one all styled up, you look like you're trying too hard to say, "I like FASHION," when you should really be saying, "I enjoy long, phallic shapes wrapped around my neck." The best scarves are ones you didn't even buy, but that your grandma knitted for you or you stole from your local thrift shop, which is how every kleptomaniac gets their start. Since S.N.S. Herning makes very heavy and warm sweaters, it only makes sense that their "Stark" scarf looks like they ripped a sleeve off a sweater before knitting the ends shut. Look at all those different shades of blue. So moody. If I were high on off toking a weed plant, you could convince me that Vincent Van Gogh was actually inspired by scarves to paint "Starry Night." He probably saw a similar pattern in a scarf of his own and decided to put it on canvas. I mean, if the movies have taught me anything it's that artists wear scarves and I will continue to believe that until proven otherwise.