No Man Walks Alone suggests that this shawl collar lambswool cardigan looks and feels best when worn as outerwear, which is a bold statement for a sweater. But then I looked at the price tag and $370 is most definitely the same price as at least a struggle North Face, right? I don't know anymore. I'm so insulated from regular clothing pricing structures that I've become like those presidential candidates who don't know how much an average cart of groceries costs because they are so wealthy and cut off from normal society. Or, pretty much exactly like Lucille Bluth talking about bananas. Whether you wear this as outerwear or just as a comfy sweater underneath a gigantic parka, you will look so dope sitting in the fake ass Eames lounger you bought off eBay with leftover Chinese New Year money. That last sentence was almost autobiographical, but I spent the money on weed, which was a way better decision. Any weed, even the mid, is better than bootleg mid-century modern furniture.