I have a feeling this Robert Geller zippered sweatshirt would make even the waifiest person look like they're built harder than a motherfucker. Maybe it's because raglans sleeves are pretty much the tits and make anyone look like they're in shape. Well, Robbie G dropped a zipper on one of the seams of said raglan sleeves and changed the game. It's weird to me how much more I like the asymmetry of one zipper vs. having, like, two matching zippers on a garment. There's just something about the haphazardness of it all. It's kind of philosophical the more I think about it. As human being, we have two arms, two legs, two eyes and all that shit. Anything we only have one of, like noses or bellybuttons, is in the middle of our bodies. Thus, dropping a single zipper on the side makes us feel like there should be a corresponding one on the other. ONLY THERE ISN'T *head explodes out of asshole*. It throws off the entire concept of what clothing should be. Sorry for the intro seminar about asymmetrical zipper fashion, but I felt it had to be mansplained for you fools.