Illustrator Dan Lish's creations are detailed fantasy worlds where rappers are carried around by robots and pretty girls befriend alien creatures. His detailed drawings reveal a unique blend of fantasy and reality in overwhelming detail that's easy to get lost in.

By day, Lish works as a senior concept artist for the video game industry in London, but during his commute he fills his sketchbook with these intriguing doodles. "I've been creating drawings on my train journeys for about four years. This is the time when my mind can wander, a stream of consciousness begins and things happen," he says. "I love crafting a vision, a thought in lines. The main challenge comes from the wobbly train journey, often packed with stressed out commuters."

Over 10 years ago, Lish created the album art for Break DJ Leacy's Breaksplotation. After recieving positive responses from the hip-hop community, he set out to create a visual thank you note to various rappers. Thus he began his "Ego Strip" series, a collection of illustrations featuring Afrika BambaataaKool HercPete RockQ-TipMF DoomKool KeithGuru, and DJ Premier drawn in a graphic novel style. Lish has also created his own graphic novel as well as other dreamlike sketch projects. We spoke with him about his work in our Portfolio Review: Dan Lish Creates Captivating Illustrations of Hip-Hop Legends and Fantasy Worlds.

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