Los Angeles-based artist Adam Villacin's illustrations seem to come to life right on the page. His stippled portraits of people like Mike Tyson, Biggie Smalls, and Scottie Pippen have a depth beyond pen and ink. Instead of being simply caricatures, they capture the complicated personalities of those depicted.

Clearly a fan of sub-cultures, Villacin has used his talents to depict skinheads, WWF wrestlers, and X-Men. His drawings of weapons, one of his favorite subjects, earned him a commission from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art store to illustrate a book of historical weaponry called Archaic Arsenal. Villacin's drawings appear mostly in skillfully crafted zines, and he also sells tote bags, pins, and T-shirts with his work. You can find more of his illustrations on Instagram and Twitter.

We asked the artist to tell us the stories behind some of his pieces. Check out our Portfolio Review: Illustrator Adam Villacin Shares His Drawings of Wrestlers, Skinheads, Weapons, and X-Men.