We don't give Paul Smith a ton of shine here on the Pins because it's not exactly a brand that hops straight to the forefront all that often, ya know? I think of Paul Smith—excuse me—Sir Paul Smith as the brand for the sort of discerning rich guy. Like, PS occasionally finds a banger deep down, but it's usually high-price twists on business attire. It's the sort of brand you peep for real quickly at the clearance rack to see if any of those aforementioned rare jawnz made it up to 80% off and you can scoop a deal. This rug-patterned Paul Smith crombie coat is hopefully one of those pieces. If I can find this thing for sub-$500 in, like, five months, you can be your ass I'll buy it and wear it until I sweat through that shit. Apparently, the recent PS collection is inspired by California and The Doors' frontman Jim Morrison. And while that qualifies as one of the weaker inspirations of all fucking time, I could totally see Jimbo wearing a rug he found on the side of the highway on stage while hanging lizard king dong on some front row groupies.