Officine Generale is one of those relatively young brands that hasn't quite figured out that it can charge way more for its items than it currently does. I mean, not to give you any ideas or anything, Officine. This is really just a beautiful time in a brand's existence. They haven't seen enough recognition yet to jack up their prices based solely on their name, so they keep things affordable until further notice. Untainted by an overabundance of press, this two-tone navy and black sweatshirt comes in at under $200, even though it's made of Japanese terry. I really do talk about cuff size a little too much. Like, I might be insecure and compensating for something else, but the cuffs on this look hefty as fuck and definitely won't stretch out and hang all flaccid. There is no worse feeling than when the cuffs on your sweater stretch out and no longer cling to your wrists, loosened beyond repair. Just say no to weak ass cuffs, fam.