I just found what I would style the main character in for a movie about a band of 20-something layabouts who occasionally dabble in misdemeanors that tend to escalate to full-on, five-star GTA wanted level felonies. Obviously, the movie would have a good soundtrack that weaves in and out of diegetic and non-diegetic sounds, but it wouldn't really go anywhere or solve any conflicts. Nah, it would simply act as a vehicle for dope alphets and homages to the 1995 classic, Dead Presidents. That's about all I look for in movies at this point anyway. I fall asleep on the couch too often to ever actually finish any of the ones I watch. But OAMC makes this ripstop, pit vented, side seam, contrast zipper pullover and for that alone they'd get a credit in my non-existent movie.