Holy fucking shit, guys. You know how hockey tops are totally becoming a thing in menswear and I was totally the first person in the industry to spotlight it as a trend? Well, Wtaps said, "Fuck that, let's just make actual hockey shirts" and popped off with these jerseys. The more and more I think about it, those in the HBA/Been Trill corner of menswear really just copied hockey sweaters with all the paneling and big ass numbers. We should see them walking around in classic Bruins and Rangers sweaters instead of the expensive designer pieces. It's basically the same thing, except way more boss. And since hockey players are gritty as fuck, you too can be a functioning adult with multiple concussions. Also, three-quarter length sleeves are the truth. They're long enough to be sleeves and provide coverage, but short enough to not get in the way of anything you're doing. I mean, don't you just roll your long sleeve shirts up anyway?