You just take and take and take. A standard M-65 simply isn't good enough anymore now, is it? You have to have one in a different color and a different material that's not just a standard military surplus one and has pockets that aren't even on a normal M-65. Fuck, it's like nothing is good enough anymore and almost like you're making up for not being able to perform a single, simple task and everything completely falling to shit by compensating with a brand new, very expensive jacket. Fuck, I think I might be describing myself right now. I don't know. Maybe it's just this Friday afternoon talking, but this Needles jacket really has me fired up. Maybe it's because M-65s are back and I got rid of mine a year ago. Or maybe it's just it's the end of the week and I really need multiple alcoholic beverages poured into my face hole in an effort to drown the fuckery of this week. I can't see straight right now. My demeanor does not affect how cool this jacket is though, so don't let me get in the way of you admiring this jacket. I'm projecting a little too much, I know. Stash something in that rear pocket for me.