Guys, I'm really super sorry about all the topcoats I've written about in the past few weeks. It's a problem, I know. You can only wear one coat at a time, which should theoretically limit how often I write about them. But now that it's finally chilly in the morning, I'm excited about wearing my grey wool topcoat. It's a real pleasure when I throw it on in the morning. I'll tell you this though, it's not warm at all. That's what the men's magazines don't tell you about those wool coats—yeah, not all that warm. You really have to layer up underneath those things. Either that, or wear them when it's, like, only 50 degrees with a tee underneath. That feels like a very British look to me and British people are cool and always wear neutral tones to match the rainy climate. And, since MKI is British, they know how to make those items. It's basically the circle of life. That's why I fuck with this MKI topcoat. I also like it because it has a single silver snap at the cuffs and you can mess with the sleeve and pull a Fear of God with the sleeve layering if you really wanted to.