Aye, this McNairy shirt tail varsity is kinda genius. As per usual, the hemline makes all the difference. Without that, it's just a regular, expensive varsity jacket that you would never buy. Now? It's something you'd at least think about for 5 minutes or so before simply putting on your Tumblr because, not only does it look cool on it's own, but it looks AWESOME with the new all monochromatic everything posting you've been doing lately. Just think about it: exclusively greyscale images of Gundams and single potted plants in front of cinder block walls and then this black and white varsity. Some bae finishing up her third year of Uni out in Montreal will find you irresistible. YOU'RE GONNA FLOAT INTO THOSE DMS, PLAN AN AWKWARD RAMEN DATE AND THEN PERHAPS AWKWARDLY FONDLE ONE ANOTHER IN HER SHITTY DORM ROOM. You will remember the way she wrote on her wall calendar forever.