Levi's Vintage Clothing presents its Metropolis collection for Fall/Winter 2014 inspired by the visionaries and builders who together created iconic sites, such as the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings. Levi's Vintage Clothing pulled the same pieces from the Levi's archives that workers wore to construction sites and reproduced them down to the exact fit and fabric.

The lookbook, which should come with a warning for those afraid of heights, recreates scenes of the innovators and workers building city skylines from the ground up in iconic Levi's pieces. The collection mixes together garments, like floral shirts, cardigans, cable knit sweaters, and coats with distressed denim pants and jackets, overalls, and vests, to mirror both the white and blue-collar workers that were responsible for creating these legendary buildings. 

The collection is available at select retailers as well as Levi's website now.