Peter Nguyen's brand LÉON just relaunched with a proper F/W 2014 collection that's heavily spiced with that signature New York City flavor. Nguyen, a former design assistant at Robert Geller, spent the past year or so being scouted by a couple of major fashion corporations and, after coming out of the process a bit unsatisfied, went independent. In his own words, the collection is a bit of a "fuck you" to the larger fashion industrial complex. The result is a small capsule of daring pieces that likely wouldn't have been picked up unless he had done it on his own. The seven item collection is all completely made-to-order within Nguyen's bootstrapped operation made up of just himself and three factory workers right here in NYC. Each piece is meticulously crafted and designed—the double layer trench being the highlight with a set of enormous exploding lapels and the inner liner cut to reduce weight (it isn't just two coats stacked on each other, obviously). Then there's the water-repellent bomber jacket, lined with fleece, outfitted with RiRi zippers and extended length for a slimmer silhouette. A pair of dress shirts with reinforced side gussets and a duo of wide-legged trousers based on terrible fucking Wall Street suits (for real) round out the collection along with the perfectly sized messenger bag (in black or red), inspired by Nguyen's girlfriend's NARS bag. A leather jacket that is sure to drop flex bombs is on deck. Everything is available for pre-order now, so get on it because this is roughly one thousand times doper than some bullshit you'll find on Kickstarter.