After a couple months off the radar, Lease on Life Society is bringing it right the fuck back with another collection—a sort of a part II, if you will, to its F/W 14 collection we wrote about a little bit ago. This one is a smaller, capsule-ish collection of tops, bottoms and hats. You can get a real nice feel of the collection with closeups of some of the materials used, like the quilted leather pants and destroyed denim so stripped down to the bone that looks like it might disintegrate at any moments. There's also a set of hoodies in a unique cut, with oversized hoods and exaggerated waistbands. But the most important thing about this lookbook? The dog, obviously. It should be mandatory for every single lookbook to feature a dog in some capacity because if there's one thing I imagine doing in a brand new set of jawnz, it's hanging out with a dog. We all relish the times we're forced to go to a party full of people we don't like, but then realize there's a dog there so you can just hang out in the corner with it all night. A dog is a way better friend than the homie you rolled to the party with just so he could hook up with the girl he's been talking about for three months, but has never actually talked to.

The new drop, dubbed "BRVDO2.5," launches this Sunday at 6pm. You can pick it up straight from the source.