I cannot believe we've never written about Kris Van Assche's classic multi-lace high tops. There are few designers with as signature an item as KVA's sneakers, so it makes complete fucking sense for us to finally debut them with this duo of F/W 14 drops: an all-black pair and a black and white pair with embossed leather. The shoes speak for themselves—super high top "fashion" sneakers with zippers at the heels with an almost incomprehensible lacing system. These are really more of a concept piece, almost like artwork in a way. Sure, you'll wear them. And they'll look tight, no doubt. But the fact that KVA designed a shoe with what has to be the longest shoelaces of all time really boggles my mind the more I think about it. I remember when I was really young—I'm talking elementary school—and some of the older kids put extra-wide laces in their shoes, or even multiple sets of laces. I never really got it. Maybe because I was young and swagless. But, yeah, looking back, it was pretty dumb. Yet, here I am, coming to terms with Van Assche's inspiration. Dude somehow, some way, made it look really fucking cool. Note: I have no idea if KVA actually pulled inspiration from wack '90s shit, but you never know.