NuArt Festival kicked off in Stavanger, Norway at the beginning of September, bringing together prolific street artists from around the world, including Norwegian artist Martin Whatson, self-declared "graffiti fetishist" Tilt, and Iranian stencil artists Icy & Sot, in addition to many others.

Besides the murals that were painted for NuArt Festival, numerous colorful, eye-catching pieces also went up in other parts of the world. Here in the States, D*Face unveiled his highly anticipated You're Dead To Me mural in Los Angeles as a preview of what to expect in "Scars and Stripes," his largest exhibition to date. Out in the Netherlands, CYRCLE. painted the entire side of a house on the streets of Heerlen, calling the piece Struggle. The vibrant work of art was inspired by "the struggle that Heerlen has been going through for over 20 years battling the coal industries collapse and drug addiction," the collective told Street Art News. See these magnificent works with In These Streets: The Best Street Art From September 2014