The Moschino McDonald's aesthetic is great. It's big, it's bold, and it's a stand-out-from-the-crowd, satirical statement. If you're looking to capture that aesthetic without dissing your favourite snack/date night spot, then Hype and ASOS have something in the works you might just be interested.

The "Fats Food" collection captures the same message of the Moschino collections, with a more down to earth streetwear vibe. You don't have to go full-ridiculous, but you can still get some chuckles and knuckles thanks to your gear. A mix of T-shirts—long-sleeve and short-sleeve—and joggers carry instantly recognisable parody fast food logos, and they're the perfect piece for the dude who likes fast food, but isn't about to drop £100+ on a T-shirt so he can rep the burger bar down the road.

Check out the rest of the lookbook below and head over to ASOS to shop the collection from October 9.